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5 Reasons why adults should utilize electric scooters

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Laws and Legislation on Electric Scooters

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Can an adult ride electric scooters?

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Gotrax GXL Review – A price-worthy commuter from Gotrax

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Speedway Mini 4 vs III(Swift) vs IV – Side-by-Side comparison

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Prime day deals on electric scooters – Find the best Amazon deals in 2018

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Xiaomi m365 VS Segway by Ninebot ES2/ES4 – Side-by-side comparison

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Swagtron Swagger 5 Review – Third time’s a charm or just a knock-off?

The Swagger 5 is Swagtrons third electric kick-scooter model and they ventured into the niche after delivering high-quality hoverboards for over a year, ...

How to fix – Swagger 5 electric scooter stopped working/motor problem

The Swagger 5 electric scooter was just launched. It seems to be an OEM from the same manufacturer that makes the Xiaomi Mijia m365. It was off to a bit of ...

Kids approved electric scooters – Top picks for kids, teens & toddlers 2018

Looking for a fun and safe electric scooter ride for your kid? As a parent of three of natures wonders myself, I know that our kid's safety is always a top ...

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  1. While not the best to use on grass you can have a look at the Drive medical line-up. THose are by far the cheapest available and they work well, just not super great on slippery surfaces 🙂

  2. Perhaps your issue is of some other sort. This bug should be fixed tough :/ I would recommend that you contact SwagTron directly. Please leave a comment if you find another fix and I’ll update it here.

  3. It would be a rare case if you only got a bit more speed if you went with the expensive ones. Most have other features and increased comfort, not to talk about distance per charge (which is in my opinion more important than speed).
    Most of the time you get what you pay for with scooters, but that’s not necessarily always the case. 🙂

  4. Hi Saray, Well you are correct. I’ve heard great things about the L8F from both retailers and users. That is the Gen II version, the first one had some early sicknesses but those are from what I can tell sorted out. The specs are similar to the both the Xiaomi and the ES2. Funny you mentioned it as I often recommend people to go for the L8F if the ES2 or Mijia is unavailable. I heard only good things about it from Jason who retails it here.
    This one has been on my to-do-list for quite some time. Just sent them an email to see if I can get my hands on one in Spain where we are relocating. Stressful times 😀

  5. Hi Grace,
    It really depends if the LA batteries you use today are weared out. If they are you’ll probably be getting up hills easier due to the constant output of L-ion batteries. Though for maximal power we will probably have to wait a few years until the Graphenano batteries are fully developed 🙂 You’ll be getting further, faster and insane recharging times. We are talking minutes to fully recharge a car.
    Sadly focus has been elsewhere for many years and universities are just starting to pick up on negligence for battery power.

  6. Hi there! Yes the availability in the US these days are bad.
    However, I do not think its only the rental companies buying them up. The scooters have had their issues and I think they’re just clearing those up before the next batch in order to lower returns which in their case increases profit. Its a good scooter but they would do best by tweaking it a little.
    But it could be because that’s the reason why the Mijia m365 isn’t coming back. It’s back ordered like crazy on Amazon. 😛
    Best regards, Tobias.

  7. The speed was measured with two different mobile GPS applications that we use and the speedometer is a few mph too high in my opinion. However, the speed in our review data is correct according to both applications.

  8. Both chargers are identical from what I can tell. No news though since these scooters are produced under what Xiaomi and Ninebot call a “tactical partnership”.

  9. The lithium battery needs to have a sealed container, that means that the battery cells themselves need to be sealed to avoid leakage. When I say separated I mean it has to be disconnected from the scooter so that there are no possibility for the battery to be in use during travel. Electric spikes or electricity leaving the battery.

  10. Yeah, there are multiple lightweight units. If she is going to use it for a short period just after surgery I would suggest that you go for one of the cheaper models. They can be easily resold afterwards without a huge loss of money.

  11. Thank you, Barbara.
    You are 100% correct that foldable units are preferred by most people who need some sort of mobility aid during their travels. If you have any feedback on things we might have overlooked feel free to give us the feedback. Best wishes, Tobias.