Best electric ride reviews, guides and tips for 2020

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Our vision is to make the world a better place to live. We want to do this by encouraging people to use environmental-friendly transportation.

Today electric transportation is on everyone’s lips and we are here to guide you through it so that you can ride for a better tomorrow. Switching to a PET(Personal Electric Transport) are mainstream today and we don’t mean for you to go out and just sell your car all of a sudden.

Whatever electric rideable you choose, we know that you will leave the car in the garage as often as you can. They’re just too much fun. Speaking of experience, I have minimized my fossil fuel usage by about 50% since I got my first electric ride-on and they only keep getting better and better, even for those long distances.

Since leaving Sweden to travel, I even do the families shopping on an electric skateboard. I’ve been able to buy just over 35 kg of groceries and ride the 4 km home with it in a backpack and my hands. Wouldn’t say its easy, but it is fully doable.