Best electric ride reviews, guides and tips for 2018

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Our vision is to make the world a better place to live by changing how people look at electric vehicles. Today electric transportation is on everyone’s mind and we are here to guide you through it so that you can ride for a better tomorrow. Switching to electric personal transports are mainstream today and we don’t mean for you to go sell your car and get an electric scooter. Whatever electric rideable you choose we know that you’ll leave the car in the garage if you can. Speaking of experience, I have minimized my fossil fuel usage by about 50% since I got my first electric ride-on and they only keep getting better and better even for the longer runs.

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Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are built for those suffering from a disability or for people of age who cannot walk for longer distances. With the use of an electric mobility scooter these people can regain much of their freedom by increasing their ability to move around without the help of someone else like with a standard wheelchair. They are created in many different shapes and models and they all have one thing in common, to support the needs of people with limited movement. Although they all support disabled people, some tend to have features and constructions that are aimed at a certain group of users that utilizes their scooter under harder conditions. For example, we have heavy-duty units that are built to support a heavier load than a normal scooter and then we have the off-road models that can aid the adventurous outdoorsy people to get back into the woods.

But for the most part, people just want to be able to move around at home and from/to the store like they used to do before they got disabled. In our mobility scooter buyers guide you’ll learn about the most competent models, what you should be looking out for and some of the laws that you need to know in order to operate them. If you’re already familiar them and know what your needs are you should go straight to our mobility scooter review section where you can find out more about each models strengths and weaknesses. Read more in our best mobility scooters reviews here.

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Electric Scooters

The electric scooter is an electric vehicle that can be utilized by almost anyone. The e-scooter is one of the oldest electric vehicle apart from the car and it has gained traction since it was first introduced by Razor as a ride-on for kids. Today there are endless models of Electric scooters and there are models to handle almost any terrain or user. Back then the scooters could only be used for a couple of minutes before you had to head back home and recharge them, whilst today’s model can handle up to 60 miles on a single charge depending on what model you ride.

The perks of owning one are many and they go far beyond the most commonly talked about perk which is the impact it has on our environment. But e-scooters aren’t just eco-friendly personal transportation vehicles they are far more than that. They are funnier than a normal car commute, many times they are even faster than one too. Today’s models aren’t just fast either they have numerous features to ease your traveling and if you haven’t already gone ahead and bought one you should have a look at my list of the best electric scooters. Wheather you’re a business looking for a simple, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly way to get around your base. If you’re an adult looking for a more effective way to get to work or just for fun which suits both kids and adults. The electric scooter is a neat choice that doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find out more in our best electric scooter reviews here.